You want to attend a Conscious Dinner Party!

A ‘Conscious Dinner Party’ dinner consists out of three parts: a three course sustainable, local and seasonal dinner and an educational discussion.

During the dinner there will be two rounds of discussion. A week in advance you’ll get your invitation with two sources to research before the dinner. Together with these two documents you’ll also get a character assigned with whose opinion you must discuss. There are five different characters that are loosely based on a combination of real people: greenpeace activist, left-wing politician, scientist, lobbyist for major oil company and right-wing voter. Your group is given 20 minutes each round to discuss, first round in the opinion of your given character and the second round with your own. The evening ends with a full stomach and an option to pledge to one challenge to make a step towards a more sustainable life.


Conscious Dinner Party 01 / 30.12.2018 / Geleen

Conscious Dinner Party 02 / 17.02.2019 / Geleen

Conscious Dinner Party 03 / 17.06.2019 / Geleen

Conscious Dinner Party 04 / 31.07.2019 / Geleen

Conscious Dinner Party 05 / 22.11.2019 / Geleen